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I had a chance to be interviewed by Benjamin Sanders on the SABRE Podcast.

What does it take to be at the top of your market? How has COVID affected the mortgage market? Jen Guidry gives us first-hand account of how she became the #1 loan officer in San Antonio and the impact of COVID on mortgages.

This is a phenomenal episode, a must listen.

We Discuss—

  • Jen’s story – How she went from receptionist to top player.
  • Structuring a team with different strengths – and one common trait.
  • Maximizing your time! How to get it all done by 5pm.
  • Handling inevitable setbacks – in business and life.
  • Effects COVID19 has had on real estate—the answer will surprise you
  • Mortgage forbearance, some BIG considerations.
  • What to keep in mind when you’re looking to refinance your existing loan.

And plenty more.

Episode 005 of the San Antonio Business podcast.

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