Why Jen Loves Construction Loans

I am going to talk specifically about construction loans and why I just LOVE doing them. Most people who come into my office for a construction loan are bringing a dream with them. Why is the construction loan my favorite loan to do? A house that they have envisioned their entire lives and I get...
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This image shows Jen Guidry as she explains how to choose a lender

Don’t Use APR Only to Compare Lenders

I am going to explain to you why APR and ONLY focusing on it when you are comparing lenders is the WRONG thing to do. We have become brainwashed to believe that APR is the only thing to look at. Guess what, though? It is not. APR is basically the cost of a loan over...
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When Your Clothes do the Talkin’

Look at yourself right now and think about this: What are the clothes you are wearing saying about you? Clothing….what you wear and how you wear them, speak volumes about you. Do they accurately represent the authentic you…or are you giving off a vibe that is not innately yours? Think about the social clues you...
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Put Some Damn Makeup On!

Day 1 of Quarantine: Got dressed, did my hair, put on makeup.Day 2: Got dressed, kinda did my hair and decided to forgo the makeup.Day 3: Sweatpants came out, sloppy hair, no makeup.Day 4: Another pair of sweatpants, no hair done, no makeup.Day 5: I basically just gave up. Went from having daytime PJ’s to...
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How to Get Into the Mortgage Business

I get asked this so many times, I thought that I would write about it. How did I get into the mortgage business and how does someone get into it now? My answer, oddly enough, is much like everyone else that I know in mortgage…”By mistake.” When I was growing up, not once have I...
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