Advantages of Home Ownership

You build equity. Equity in your home is the amount of money you can sell a home for minus what you owe. Long term buying is less expensive than renting. Instead of building your landlord’s net work, build yours! The larger your downpayment is, the lower your monthly mortgage payment may be. Even a modest...
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5 Biggest Mistakes That People Make During The Loan Process

These are loan-stopping HUGE mistakes that people make every day…so I am here to help spread the word so that you don’t do the same! So picture this… You found your dream home, you pre-qualified at a payment you can afford and now are just waiting to close. Time to take it easy – maybe...
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This image shows Jen Guidry as she explains how to choose a lender

Don’t Use APR Only to Compare Lenders

I am going to explain to you why APR and ONLY focusing on it when you are comparing lenders is the WRONG thing to do. We have become brainwashed to believe that APR is the only thing to look at. Guess what, though? It is not. APR is basically the cost of a loan over...
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The 3 Numbers That Matter On Home Loan Applications

Today I am going to explain to you WHAT 3 NUMBERS MATTER THE MOST ON HOME LOAN APPLICATIONS. The 3 numbers that matter are YOUR CREDIT SCORE, YOUR DEBT-TO-INCOME RATIO AND YOUR LOAN-TO-VALUE RATIO.  These specific numbers matter because they affect your ability to qualify for a home loan as well as your interest rate...
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Maximize Tax Savings With Home Related Deductions

Tax season is here, but there is still time for homeowners to maximize their tax savings. Here are tips to help you reap home-related deductions.  Disclaimer: Please consult your tax advisor before taking any of these deductions. The Holy Grail of All Tax Deductions: Mortgage Interest The most significant tax deduction available for many people is...
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Huge Changes Coming With VA Loans in 2020

San Antonio Express News September 20, 2019 Veterans, we have some exciting news for you! There are substantial changes coming to the maximum VA loan limits next year. There won’t be any! You can thank the “Blue Water Navy Veterans Act of 2019” that had some verbiage snuck into it regarding the loan limits for...
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Managing Mortgage Payments When Unemployed?

Are you a home owner who has lost their job due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and can’t make your mortgage payment? This pandemic has left many home owners jobless. DON’T quit making your house payments without watching this VIDEO! There are steps you can take. If First United is your mortgage servicer you can call...
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How Appraisals and Employment Verifications are being handled during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Realtors, Builders, and Home Buyers. Due to social distancing there are changes to how appraisals and employment verifications are being handled. Please watch this video to learn more. Stay healthy and God bless.
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Critical Mortgage Industry Updates

I want to share with you some of the changes I believe that the mortgage industry will see in the coming days due to the current state of things in our country. COVID-19 is making unprecedented affects to the way we live, the job market, and in turn the mortgage industry. This video shares some...
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