Episode 10: Grit and Work Ethic

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On today’s episode of the 10Gs Podcast (grit, gifts, goodwill, guts, goals, God, glory, growth, gratitude, and being genuine), I’m talking about grit and how work ethic eliminates fear. When I was growing up, my parents taught me what it meant to work hard, have good work ethic, and be dedicated. While I wasn’t grateful back then, I am now. I’ve learned these values are the only things that lead to success.

I’ll be sharing a few stories from my childhood, from my newspaper route to my light green Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme to the secret to my success. I’ll tell you about what used to make me angry when I was a teenager to what that has taught me. My parents taught me the best lesson. Listen on to hear what that was.

My name is Jen Guidry. In addition to talking about my faith, I also teach about credit, budgeting, and all things mortgage as one of the top loan officers in San Antonio, Texas and the United States.

Talking Points:

  • Hello and Welcome (00:17)
  • What I had growing up (01:13)
  • My old newspaper route (01:54)
  • Gratitude (06:13)
  • The secret to my success: work (06:25)
  • A letter to discipline, taken from my blog (07:47)
  • Closing (08:50)