Episode 15: Comfortably UNcomfortable

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On today’s episode of the 10Gs Podcast (grit, gifts, goodwill, guts, goals, God, glory, growth, gratitude, and being genuine), I’m talking about the topic of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being comfortable can feel safe but it’s not going to help you move forward in your life. I’m going to try to help you realize why being uncomfortable can be the best thing for you.

My name is Jen Guidry. In addition to talking about my faith, I also teach about credit, budgeting, and all things mortgage as one of the top loan officers in San Antonio, Texas and the United States.

Talking Points:

  • Hello and Welcome  (00:20)
  • How to be comfortable with being uncomfortable (00:52)
  • Why “comfortable” is so nice (01:42)
  • God is there (02:45)
  • It’s difficult but necessary (03:43)
  • Conclusion (04:38)




Social Media Quotes:

“What you don’t realize is that God was actually on the other side waiting for you the whole time. He would have picked you up if you fell.” – Jen Guidry

“Make that change. Take that chance. Put on your running shoes and and take that giant leap over that chasm.” – Jen Guidry

“In order to get better, you cannot keep on doing what you’ve always done because you won’t ever grow. You have to do things differently.” – Jen Guidry

“Learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable will change your life. I promise.” – Jen Guidry