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Dancing Around the House

Who cares what you look like? Dance anyway. Just me and the dogs home on a Sunday. Pat Green, “Three Days” song is blaring loudly all throughout the house. I...
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You Bring People to Life

I just got back from Buffalo for a wonderful family visit. We celebrated Mother’s Day and my mom’s 70th birthday. It was beautiful and was filled with spending time with...
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Just Keep Me Company

Gram enjoying her food! Getting old. It is inevitable. This is the story of my beautiful grandmother and choices that most every family has to make one day. Tough choices....
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You May Not Change the World, BUT You CAN Change a Life!

Not everyone can change the world, but ALL of us can help to change one life.  You never know the impact of our words, your actions or your generosity can...
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Top 3 Things – A Day in the Life of a Loan Officer

When you apply for a home loan, you are asked for a barrage of items. I know. It is a lot sometimes. You have to trust me when I tell...
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A Prayer for When I am Anxious

Sometimes, I wake up with some anxiety. I play my upcoming busy day in my head over and over, which is silly, because really, I don’t know how it is...
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There are certain people in this world that stand out as nothing short of extraordinary. It is not because of one single act or something largely spectacular that they once...
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A Little Sauntering, Anyone?

I feel like we all need to practice a little sauntering in our lives. It puts things into perspective. Slows our roll just a little bit. We are programed to...
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