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The Storm

I opened the box carefully to examine its precious contents. I slowly lifted the cardboard flaps to reveal my book! There were lots of them. I smiled because I still...
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The Heavy Burden

Why do we feel like we are obligated to carry such heavy burdens on our shoulders? You know…the burdens of sickness and sadness that surround us. The affliction of all...
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When You Attach Goals to Your Happiness

I am out of breath and the sweat is pouring down my face. I keep looking forward to the journey ahead while taking a look back at how far I...
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You CAN Change the World

I recently got an unexpected letter from a colleague. He was thanking me and let me know that it was my encouragement – my words – that propelled him to...
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I Don’t Get No Respect

If you want to be respected in business, then be respectable. A lot of people think that it is a position, or wealth or societal status that garners respect. Even...
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The Ladder

God doesn’t make a rickety ladder! When He asks you to step up, He will give you a firm foundation for your ladder. So, in life when you are called...
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Lemonade Stands

A simple act of kindness can make a lasting impact on a child. I remember when we were little (I am talking back in the 1980’s) we used to sit...
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Unanswered Prayers and Unbreakable Promises

This picture was taken last month because of an unanswered prayer. God had different plans for me and as always, His timing was perfect. God may not answer your prayers,...
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