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Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes.

I love shoes. I mean, I really love shoes. A bad ass pair of shoes can make even the most mundane outfit amazing. Confession: I have a LOT of shoes....
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Lies that will get your loan declined

Don’t be lying to us! Tell your loan officer everything…I mean everything! There’s no denying that when you are getting a mortgage, your loan officer is exposed to many intimate...
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Is what we THINK is good, really good?

Not everything that we THINK is good, is actually good (for us).  Let that sink in for a second while I tell you a story. It begins on a Monday...
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Be THAT person

Be the person that kicks in the door for others to walk through. The woman who straightens the other’s crown. The person that defends the honor of others when they...
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“God has no business in business”…so they say.

God has no business in business. You really need to separate the two. That is what some have told me as I have become more and more vocal about where...
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A good day or a bad day?

Next time, just look up!!! Whether you think you are having a good day or a bad day, you are right. It is completely up to you. Your perspective and...
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Complete Dependence = Freedom

Complete dependence = Freedom. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Yeah, I know. It doesn’t have to be, as long as you are dependent upon God. Close your eyes (after...
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A Dream Coming True

In late 2019, I wrote about my goals for 2020. One of them was for me to appear on national television as a consultant to talk about mortgage and credit...
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