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Maximize Your Tax Savings With Home Related Deductions

My name is Jen Guidry and I am a loan officer in San Antonio Texas. Tax season is here, but there is still time for homeowners to maximize their tax savings....
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Imagine how amazing it would be if we could just put on some  “grace lenses” and see ourselves as God sees us. Imagine with me for a moment a world...
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In the far away places of our minds, we have two worlds…one that actually is and the one that our mind has created. The concocted one…oh we give it so...
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It is in solitude that you will realize that you are really never alone. We have this soul within us that shines bright and is different and unique…so very distinct...
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The Fork in the Road

I think that each of us have these turning points in our lives…these forks in the road that propels us in such a wildly different direction from where we would...
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SABRE Podcast with Benjamin Sanders

I had a chance to be interviewed by Benjamin Sanders on the SABRE Podcast. What does it take to be at the top of your market? How has COVID...
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Prayers Unanswered

I have heard that the greatest prayer unanswered is the prayer never prayed. I disagree. I think the greatest prayer unanswered is one that was; but I wasn’t ready. This...
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Would I Want to be Quarantined With You Forever?

That is my new measurement for my dating standards…I think that it’s catchy and quite wise, actually. You can use it if you want to. When I tell people that...
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