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Sunbeams and Dust

I love the morning sunshine that beams its way into my house in the morning. It is so peaceful to see it. It makes me smile. The warmth of the...
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The Storm

Mondays. Ugh. Those are the toughest days of the week. So many phone calls come in along with countless emails and text messages. The phone becomes a never-ending “ding-fest: as...
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2 Miles and 5 Pound Weights

Round 2: Surviving Blood Clots Once Again Learning to Listen Who would have thought that walking 2 miles with no incline would kick my butt and wear me out? My...
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My Penny Shaker

I have a tin can filled with pennies that I have been using to train the new puppy. When she is a pill or doing something that she is not...
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Jen Version 21.0

My thoughts for this morning… When we face tribulation, misfortune, adversity and set-backs, our natural inclination is to want God to just take it all away. We don’t want to...
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A peaceful morning

In the stillness of the morning before dawn, my mind awakes first before my body is fully aware of it. The dogs begin to stir as they begin to sense...
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Image for Jen Guidry Blog Psalm For Life

Psalm for Life

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I put my headphones on and I listen to poems that I have downloaded on my Audible app. I listen to Rumi, Donohue, Longfellow, Gibran...
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Becoming Weak to Become Strong

This past week, I went to the Hematologist for my post-hospital care. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was pretty disappointed with the news I heard regarding...
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