Award Winning Book – The Storm: Stories To Help You Overcome Your Darkest Days

By Jen Guidry

When you realize there is purpose in everything that happens to you, it will become easy to keep your faith and trust your loving God, even on your darkest days. 

Through your greatest sorrows, you can find many joys. Through your greatest “knockdowns,” you can get up and become much stronger. Through your greatest struggles, you can have the most amazing victories.

Many people sit around and reminisce about things they wish they could do. Then there are people who DO. Which one do you want to be? 

We ALL face our own storms. When they happen, we have one choice–our reaction. 

You can choose to pause and smile, knowing God has you.

This book will help you work through your storms and show you how to be victorious.

In 2022 “The Storm” was honored as an International Book Award Winner by American Book Fest. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

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