Episode 16: In The Darkest Places

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On today’s episode of the 10Gs Podcast (grit, gifts, goodwill, guts, goals, God, glory, growth, gratitude, and being genuine), I’m talking about a prayer that I wrote (while I was battling a blood clotting disorder) called, “In the Darkest Places.”

My name is Jen Guidry. In addition to talking about my faith, I also teach about credit, budgeting, and all things mortgage as one of the top loan officers in San Antonio, Texas and the United States.

Talking Points:

  • Hello and Welcome  (00:20)
  • My blood clotting disorder (00:52)
  • In the Darkest Places (01:48)
  • Conclusion (03:11)




Social Media Quotes:

“I’m so lucky to be alive. I’m so grateful to God that I’m here.” – Jen Guidry

“I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger every day.” – Jen Guidry

(Also in audiogram) “I know that I can never be satisfied by thinking about you and knowing you intellectually. When I search for you, I will know you experientially, there is a difference.” – Jen Guidry

“My body is so tired. I need your strength, Lord. The kind that only you can give.” – Jen Guidry

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