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San Antonio Monthly MagazineNovember 2020Pages 139-141
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I Don’t Want To Be A Dude!

Are you a strong woman that struggles leading at work and then switching to be more feminine at home? The struggle has been real for me. If it is real...
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Testimonial – Ian Reyes

To Jennifer & the First United Bank Team… I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for a special individual at your company. At this point, I have...
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5 Biggest Mistakes That People Make During The Loan Process

These are loan-stopping HUGE mistakes that people make every day…so I am here to help spread the word so that you don’t do the same! So picture this… You found...
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This image shows Jen Guidry as she explains how to choose a lender

Don’t Use APR Only to Compare Lenders

I am going to explain to you why APR and ONLY focusing on it when you are comparing lenders is the WRONG thing to do. We have become brainwashed to...
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Important Announcement for Self-Employed Mortgage Borrowers

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!  IF YOU ARE SELF-EMPLOYED and looking to buy, build or refinance a home, this information is for you! Beginning June 11, 2020, there is an important guideline update for...
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The 3 Numbers That Matter On Home Loan Applications

Today I am going to explain to you WHAT 3 NUMBERS MATTER THE MOST ON HOME LOAN APPLICATIONS. The 3 numbers that matter are YOUR CREDIT SCORE, YOUR DEBT-TO-INCOME RATIO...
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Maximize Your Tax Savings With Home Related Deductions

My name is Jen Guidry and I am a loan officer in San Antonio Texas. Tax season is here, but there is still time for homeowners to maximize their tax savings....
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