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On today’s episode of the 10Gs Podcast (grit, gifts, goodwill, guts, goals, God, glory, growth, gratitude, and being genuine), I’m talking about the topic of chaos. When the world and life seems like it’s too much, sometimes what you need to do is take a breath and turn to God. Today I’m going to talk about what you can do amidst the chaos and what can happen if you open yourself up to God.

My name is Jen Guidry. In addition to talking about my faith, I also teach about credit, budgeting, and all things mortgage as one of the top loan officers in San Antonio, Texas and the United States.

Talking Points:

  • Hello and Welcome  (00:20)
  • Calm yourself (00:52)
  • Chaotic world (01:15)
  • It’s never too late (03:20)
  • He will change you from the inside-out (03:40)
  • My wish for you (05:10)
  • Conclusion (05:27)


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Social Media Quotes:

“When you feel the clatter of the chaos of the world that we live in, it is so easy to feel agitated, worried, and anxiety ridden.” – Jen Guidry

“God is sitting there, waving his hands. ‘Search for me,’ he says. ‘Look at me. Pick me. Pick me.”’ – Jen Guidry

“It is never too late to start a relationship with God.” – Jen Guidry

“One of my favorites quotes is this, ‘I have given God a million reasons not to love me and none of them have changed his mind.’” – Jen Guidry