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On today’s episode of the 10Gs Podcast (grit, gifts, goodwill, guts, goals, God, glory, growth, gratitude, and being genuine), I’m talking about the topic of “being grateful.” There are two worlds around us: the one that is literally in front of us and the one that we concoct in our minds. Today I talk about those two worlds and about how to be truly happy through gratitude.

My name is Jen Guidry. In addition to talking about my faith, I also teach about credit, budgeting, and all things mortgage, as one of the top loan officers in San Antonio, Texas and the United States.

Talking Points:

  • Hello and Welcome  (00:20)
  • The world we have created around us (00:50)
  • The key to happiness is gratitude (01:50)
  • Conclusion (03:18)


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Social Media Quotes:

“Take a breath and think, ‘What kind of life do I want to live?” – Jen Guidry

“I believe that the key to living a joyful life is to have a heart filled with much gratitude.” – Jen Guidry

“Smile at the million little things that come before you each day and be grateful for them.” – Jen Guidry