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I am going to talk specifically about construction loans and why I just LOVE doing them.

Most people who come into my office for a construction loan are bringing a dream with them.

Why is the construction loan my favorite loan to do?

A house that they have envisioned their entire lives and I get to be part of bringing it to fruition.

People are excited.

It IS exciting!! People come in with smiles on their faces and their blueprints in hand and man, I LOVE looking at each and every one of them.

I take it as an honor to be able to be part of helping to make someone’s dream come true…

It could be a home for their growing family…a blended family or for a lot of people, it will be the last home they ever own.

Why don’t more people build custom homes?

I think that people think that the actual loan to GET a construction loan is unattainable.

There is so much MIS information out there…like you have to have 20% down etc. etc.

For most people, that is hard to come by so they just give up.

How much do you really have to have down to build a custom home?

If you have land equity, sometimes it doesn’t take ANY money…in most other cases it is only 5 or 10% down.

Not the 20% that most people THINK they have to have.

It is definitely more attainable to think.

Now, don’t get me wrong though, building a custom home is definitely more expensive…BUT it IS a LOT more in reach for the average family than you may think.

Where can people find more information?

Click here fore more information on Construction Loans

There you can find a plethora of information under the construction tab.

There are brochures that I have made that walk you through the process and answers to frequently asked questions as well.

You can even find additional videos about construction loans there as well.